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Sold! TF Pro P5 Box full of Optical Compressors

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Jan 4, 2014
On sale this fantastic piece of studio that has given me such good results.
Quality and soundness, designed by Ted Fletcher.
Really nice condition and all components and PSU are original.
Rare to find.
Change by a pair of Summit Audio TLA-50 or a Chameleon Labs 7802.
Price: 250€ without shipping taxes

TF Pro P5 Box full of Optical Compressors

1 Stereo + 3 mono compressors give this unit its name. Ideal for live sound and studio applications. With the optional fader, the unit can be used for compressing mixes in 5.1.

The world's first BFOC! (Box Full of Optical Compressors). The most versatile outboard compressor(s) ever! It's a stereo OPTICAL compressor/limiter and a further 3 mono optical compressor/limiters that can be used individually, or as a slaved 5 channel system; AND with an additional filtered low frequency output!

5 full channels of the incomparable sound of genuine hardware TFPRO compression.

Live use

The P5 makes a superb live rack companion; giving the engineer the ability to compress 3 mono signals, plus a stereo mix, i.e. you can compress a drum subgroup, plus vocal, bass and guitar, all from the one box!

Clear indication of compression, signal and clip are present. Use couldn't be easier. One by-product of optical compression is the limiting-like effect of the compression. The ratio is not pre-set, it climbs as the threshold is exceeded, in a beautifully analogue way, giving character to the compression. This ratio increase, coupled with a high overload margin, makes the p5 extremely low maintenance when used on a live session. i.e. it is practically impossible to clip the front end, and even over compression produces a pleasing sound.

Making live use even easier, the P5 comes equipped with 'to insert' points on the rear panel (on the mono channels), providing connection to standard desk insert points at -10dB with a single stereo cable - no 'Y' leads required. Of course, standard connections are available also.

Studio use

When used as individual compressors, the P5 becomes extremely useful at mix. Use 3 mono compressors, plus use the stereo channel for some warmth. The signal path is uncompromised for headroom, and you can never have enough optical compression! The P5 presents many more channels for the money than the channel modules in the range.

For studios mixing for 5.1, the compressors can all be linked, meaning that analogue dynamics can be added to the full surround mix! Use with the 5.1 fader (see below) for complete control of the surround environment.


The stereo channel of the P5 Input gain offers mute-20dB gain
Legendary optical compressor. For musical warmth and power.
Attack and release controls allow fine tuning of compression effect
Output capable of handling a wide variety of signal requirements
Signal and clip LEDs for input measurement 'superbal' balanced outputs.
TO INSTERT POINT - single cable connection to inserts.
Threshold control starts optical compression effect.
TFPRO 5.1 Surround Monitor Fader

Monitoring 5.1 surround sound can be a nightmare. In response to cries for help, Ted Fletcher has developed a 6 channel precision fader to control monitor outputs during surround sound mixes.

The fader has 6 separate channels; each one is a passive balanced optical controlled-impedance fader. All 6 channels are controlled from a single rotary control, and 'mute' and 'dim' pushbuttons complete the functions. The user also has the ability to mute rear, centre, and sub channels independently. There is also a remote control for easy access anywhere in the studio (connected via 1/4" jack lead).

Because the fader circuits are balanced and passive, the monitor audio signal retains perfect quality with no added noise or distortion.


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