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SOLD Unfinished Mnats stereo 1176 project - most parts included

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Active member
Jun 10, 2004
Paoli, PA, USA
Hello all,

It's been a long time since I've posted here - literally 10 years.  I lost the DIY Audio bug a bunch of years back and in the meantime, it looks like the forum has moved from mostly rack mount projects to mostly 500 chassis compatible ones.  Hopefully I can find a new home for a two rack space stereo 1176 project that I will never complete.

Here is what I have:
(2) Stuffed Mnats 1176 PCBs, Rev J 03-11-06 These are configured for IC input (instead of input transformer) operation
(2) Stuffed Hairball Audio Stereo Link PCBs
(2) Stuffed 1176 Rotary Ratio Switch PCBs including "All In" position.
(2) Neutrik panel mount male XLRs
(2) Neutrik panel mount female XLRs
(2) 100K Linear Potentiometers
(2) 5K Audio Potentiometers
(1) Schurter panel mount IEC with fuse holder
(2) Fuses
(2) Heat sinks for TO-220 regulators
(1) 2RU Steel chassis with screened black anodized aluminum front panel (two of the four screws holding the front panel have some surface rust otherwise good to excellent condition)
(1) Avel Lindberg 25V+25V Torroidal Transformer 30VA - North American Primary (note that my photo has two transformers - only the 25V+25V Y236106 is included)

In my estimation, here are the parts the project needs for completion:
(2) VU Meters - IIRC the front panel is cut for Sifam AL19-R meters - the buyer should measure hole spacing and compare to the manufacturer datasheet to be sure.
(2) Output transformers - either OEP A262A2E or Lundahl LL5402
(4) Potentiometers - each channel needs a different value for the Attack, Release, Input and Output.  I have two values, so the project still needs two (or four pots total). The buyer needs to check the BOM to see which are missing
(2) Lorlin switches for Meter Source selection (PCBs are included)
(1) Rotary Power switch
(1) Rotary Link switch

On each 1176 PCB build there are a pair of transistors that need to be matched.  I believe that the ones I used were ordered pre-matched from someone on the GroupDIY Black Market or possibly Hairball Audio who still sells matched sets.

This project was never a kit and I can't guarantee that my list of needs above is complete.  It is being sold as-is and the buyer will ultimately need to figure out what is needed to finish.

I'm looking for a domestic US buyer and $100 for this stuff - probably what I paid for the chassis back in '04 or whenever.  Payment through Paypal is preferred.  I'll pick up shipping.

PM me if interested.  Go Eagles!


Active member
Jun 10, 2004
Paoli, PA, USA
I modified the original post.  Here's why:

An inaccuracy in my original description was pointed out to me through PM by a couple of people responding to this post.  They pointed out that the Mnats Rev J PCB didn't have a fully transformerless option.  Only the input transformer may be replaced with opamp - and this is how these PCBs were built.  Therefore, it was wrong that I described the board config as "transformerless".

I don't have output transformers to offer with this project.  As such, either one OEP A262A2E or Lundahl  LL5402 transformer would be needed for each of the two main board PCBs.

Just trying to be completely transparent.

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