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Jul 27, 2017
Hi guys,

I'm selling a whole bunch of microphone stuff that I don't plan on using right now.


AMI Tab Funkenwerk T8 transformer - 100 €

(Mint condition. Sounds great. Amazing for km84 style builds.)


SOLD!! Maiku k47 capsule (with mounting hardware) - 110 €

(Mint condition. Sounds great.)


SOLD!! Peluso CEK-47 capsule - 90 €

(Good condition. Sounds amazing as well.)


SOLD!! Microphone Parts RK7 capsule (with mounting hardware) - 80 €

(Great condition. A k47 with some M7 influences. Not in production anymore, very smooth and full.)


SOLD!! U47 style 6.5:1 ratio transformer - 30 €

(Great condition. Cheap and sounds surprisingly good.)


SOLD!! Apex 450 (or similar) drop-in modded mic PCB - 10 €

(Applicable to Apex 450 and similar chinese tube microphones, modifies the circuit to the same one used in successful microphones like the Advanced Audio CM47 and the Peluso 2247. Better used with a 47 style capsule, a 12AY7 tube (or 12AT7) and a 47 style transformer around 6.5:1 ratio.)


SOLD!! Apex 460 (or similar) drop-in modded psu PCB - 10 €

(Applicable to Apex 460 and similar chinese tube microphones, modifies the PSU circuit to optimize voltages for a 12AY7 tube and a k47/ck12 style capsule.)


If anyone's interested, please let me know.

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