Sound Samples on a Drum kit: DIY tube mics

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Oct 28, 2009
Madison, WI
Thought I'd contribute some sound samples with some recent mic builds. The takes aren't exactly the same, but the differences between the tone of the mics is pretty noticeable, which is why I'm posting them. 

The mics:
GREEN OH (C12ish Pair): Royer circuit with 5840 tube, Beyer peanut OT, and Chinese C12 capsules
251 OH (Pair): ELAM 251 circuit PTP with RCA 12AY7, Beyer peanut OT, and Chinese C12 capsules

C12:  Matador C12 with AMI OT, Tim Campbell capsule
EF800U47:  EF800 tube with PTP circuit, Beyer peanut OT, Thiersch M7 Blue Line Capsule
DU67: Poctop's u67, Telefunken EF86, Ioaudio BV12, Beezneez Capsule

First is a comparison of overheads (green C12ish vs 251).
Second comparison of three mono room mics (C12, EF800u47, DU67) - a few feet in front of kit.