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SoundCraft Series 600 24/8/4/2 FOR SALE

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Aug 27, 2016
Ljubljana, Slovenia
SoundCraft Series 600 Studio Console 24xCH/8xGR/6xAUX/2BUSS MASTER

Selling my beloved Soundcraft. A funny story that made me think…. First time I took out a module and I've seen the TEST sticker on it, it was signed on the date that is my exact birthday date. So for all this time I have been using it and learning about it I had this woodoo feeling that we were made for eachother. But as we all grow we have to let go of things to step a step higher and try different things, right?
It has been with me for good 4 years now and it has been a pleasure to make some good records with it. Both tracking and mixing.

2 years ago I pulled the trigger on the modificaions which have made the board significantly less noisy and hissy, increesed the headroom, added stabilty to the low and low mid range.

MODIFICATIONS (Creation Audio)
The mods were performed on all the channels, groups and the master/aux ass well. They include complete recaping with Nichicon and Elna Simic II capacitors. All the chips (TL072 and NE5532/4) were substituted with BB OPA2134 and BB OPA134 on the INPUT boards. MASTER/AUX board with OPA2134, LME49720 and BB OP275, GROUP BOARDS same thing.

- All the switches cleaned and replaced the faulti ones.
- Performed the Edie Chiletti starground mod.
- Added the Led Bar meters to the fist 16 inputs (im including one more 1-8 led bar meter plate in this package)
- I have 2 more MASTER/AUX boars that will be included as spare parts
- Power supply has been recaped aswell

The board is in perfect condition. Completly restored and ready for hit making!

any questions welcome!

I know I can never get as much as I have put in this desk but looking at lower 3000€


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