SSL G-Comp (500) Unequal comp & makeup between channels.

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Sep 27, 2021
This is an issue I was having awhile back that never got resolved, I just found a way to work around it, but I need to fix it.

Any idea what would be the cause?
The perhaps more voltage getting to 1 channel than the other is getting? A faulty part somewhere?

Here's some details:

• When I add compression to a stereo buss, the right channel is compressed more than the left.

• When I add makeup gain, the left channel receives more gain than the left.
• When I use the bypass button, the signal becomes level again.

• If I flip the link button behind the lunchbox, the signals become even... but I figured out that this is only because it changes it to a mono signal

I did plenty of troubleshooting already:

• It's not the cheap Lindell Audio 510 Power MKII 10-slot lunchbox that's to blame, as far as I can tell.
I troubleshot this theory by simply moving it to another location in the 500-chassis. No difference was made.

• Haven't swapped the XLR cables out but that's redundant because, the issue goes away when the chassis slots are switched to a mono signal and a faulty cable wouldn't be responsible for both a lower signal at 1 GComp setting and higher at another.

☆ It appears to be an issue with the module itself.

◇ I'm confident Gyraf knows this unit inside and out and I'm willing to bet others here do too so....

Let's assume either the left side is giving an inadequate amount of comp and makeup gain or the right is giving me too much. After using it quite a bit, I believe it's the left channel that has the issue.

Is there a component that comes to mind here that may be faulty?
What would you test and how would you go about it?

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