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Stock Clearance...

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Well-known member
Oct 1, 2010
Oslo, Norway
Hi everybody
Theres little time for DIY-projects for me these days, so I´m clearing out some stock.
Hopefully some of you have time to finish these nice projects.

Info on most of these projects should be in these forums.

IOAudio MK47 Kit (PCB+Parts+transformers)+ Zayance PSU PCB
€200+shipping+paypal fees ----SOLD---

S800 EQ Bundle (2x peterc s800 boards + 2xAudio Maintenance Part kits)
€35+ship+paypal fees-----SOLD------

Komplete EZ1073 bundle (PCB, Full AML EZ1073 Kit, Front Panel and case)
€300+ship+paypal fees ----SOLD----

PCB Bundle;
2x Mnats 1176 Rev D Black PCBs
1xGyraf G9 PCB
1x PRR-176 Rev 2 PCB

€40 + ship and pp fees.


Please contact me directly via email if interested - (rellister(at(gmail(.com) -no brackets
I prefer shipping within EU