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Texar Prism Clone PCB thread

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Mar 11, 2021
Pricing for the boards is as follows:

To build a complete 2 channel unit you will need
BP1 4 band processor board, with SMD parts placed and programmed PICs $62/ea 2 reqd for a 2 channel unit
DS1 2-up display board with SMD parts placed $32/ea 2 reqd for a 2 channel unit
MB1 line receiver/driver IO bare board. $18/ea 1 reqd

PM me for payment and shipping details and most importantly availability.

Important: Review the build guides in the support thread and check the BOMs to be sure parts are in stock or you can get them. There is room for substitution but with the chip shortage things change daily. You don't want boards and no parts.

Also IMPORTANTLY. If you want the front panel express file to make the panel Ill need to email it. If you are making your own, let me know. Reason being you will need a good way to align all those LEDs to solder them in so if you need a 3D printed fixture I need to know with your order.
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