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Jun 3, 2004
Cassettes sound really good to me for some reason.

What is their freq response thru a GE radio/ tape player from the 70 s?

I use it at work. I played this home made tape of John Lee Hooker off the box set over and over. 8 hours a day. For three months.

"Gonna get me some toad frog here. Mix it in real good."
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abbey road d enfer

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Jan 22, 2008
Hi folks
Really Don t know it s the right post but a fast reading makes me think this... Always used old adat recorders such as fostex ad8 and tascam mx24, this last one is so great! With not so esoteric soundcard. What I found is that even working at 44.1 16bit the sound is always bigger realistic and 3D even compared with modern high quality converters....
I believe it s the oversampling that these old vintage gital gear converters have
I believe you are jumping to conclusions that are not supported by hard evidence.
The converter technology has not changed so much, oversampling is the norm since 20+ years.

Even with modern music production, people is always excited when I mix down passing trought these devices, the answer is always the same... Hey Richi what you did?
That's what most people say when they listen to recordings made by competent people.
Don't underestimate your part.

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