transformers, RIFA and ERO caps, Neumann N48i, large power transformer and more

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Nov 7, 2017
Umea, Sweden
Have some stuff to sell/trade if anyone is interested about half price of current retail prices or lower. Feel free to make me an offer if buying more then one pcs.

Shipping from Sweden not included in price but will ship globally. Shipping quote to your country on request.

Payment trough bank transfer is possible but prefer PayPal(buyer pays fees under 50€) or Revolut (no fees). Safer for both parts that way :)

1. Audio transformers:
- Edcor WSM600/600 (1 pcs, 10€) (SOLD)
- Edcor XSM150/150 (1 pcs, 10 €) (SOLD)

- VIGORTRONIX  VTX-101-006  (1 pcs, 8€) (SOLD)

- Monicor LTR-110 (2 pcs, 8€ each or 14€ for both) (SOLD)

- Lundahl LL1532 (about 20 pcs available, 25€ each)  sold but might get hold of more

- OEP A262 with CAN ( 1 pcs, 4€)
- OEP A262A6E ( 1 pcs, 5€) (SOLD)
- OEP Z1604 SEC ( 1pcs, 4€) (SOLD)

For 1176 builds etc:

- Lundahl LL1540 for G1176/MNAT Rev J input (1 pcs, 35€)

- Ed Anderson B11148 recreation of the original B11148/B12614 used in rev F-G ( 1 pcs, 25€) (sold)

- Original UREI B12614 output transformer for rev F-H, pulled from working UREI EQ unit. ( 1 pcs 65€)

- Original blue UREI logo/badge for 1176 rev H, LA4, etc. (1 pcs, 20€)

2. High grade NOS capitators (minimum buy 10 pcs) 1-2€ each

- ERO MKC 1862 P9 (0.68µF 250V) about 700 pcs available, 1€ each.

- ERO MKT 1822 T4 ( 2.2uF 100V) about 100 pcs available, 1€ each.

- ERO MKC 1862 P4 ( 1,5uF 250V) about 100 pcs available, 1€ each.

- RIFA PFE210GB (150pF 200V) about 100 pcs available, 2€ each

- RIFA PFE210GB (205pF, 200V) about 100pcs available, 2€ each.

- have a lot of other NOS capitators in lesser amounts and types. Send me a PM if you looking for something. Minimum 10 pcs though.

3. Power transformers
- large toroidal, BLOCK TRAFO RKD 500 2×35V 50-60hz 500VA (Pri: 0-115V 2,28Aac, Sec: 0-35V 7,14Aac) 40€

- PCB mount transformers, BLOCK  TRAFO VB1,5 (Pri: 230V, Sec: 2×0-24V 0,75VA) 5 pcs available, 4€ each or all for 18€

4. Neumann N48i

original stand alone 2× +48V phantom power box. Looks like new and test perfectly. 150€ or best offer.

Looking for various parts if anyone wants to trade.
- VU meter to fit a original SSL bus bezel for 1U rack model. 

- GSSL front plate with square VU and turbo mod.

- donor body for a ELAM 251 build and GE 6072 five star tube.

- input/out transformers and attenuator  for a MNAT 1176 rev D.

- 5Mohm output pots for a rev F-H 1176 and 1178 builds.

Just send me a PM if you want to buy or have any questions or would like some pictures.