Transporting Philicorda Organ


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Aug 2, 2017
Hello everyone.
I found a Phili 752 via local ads far away from my location but i will get a friend of mine who lives there to pick it up and send me by air courier (he works there so we can do it really safe and cheap too).
As he is busy enough, i want to do things a bit easier for him, so i do my homework and study first  :)
The plan goes like that: He will pick it up locally by a small car and then take it home and pack it safely for air transport.

So, i need to know first how the legs can be removed. Does it requires a screwdriver use or it is as simple as pulling them out easily? I have to know because i know he has really small space in his car so the job must be done right to the pick up spot - so he needs to know if he must carry a screwdriver with him (imagine him arriving at the spot with a screwdriver in his hand lol  :D ).

Furthemore and most important, i know  that Phili's spring reverb is ultra fragile and sensitive. I ve read that you can lock/screw the spring reverb somehow. Couldn't find any infos on how to do that.  Do you know where this spot is? You must open the guts of the organ to do so?

Any response asap, would be kindly appreciated.


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Jan 30, 2010
Maine USA
Servicemanual for Philicorda GM-752 (10MB PDF)

Has a picture of the leg but I do not see how it attaches.

See also:  --maybe the other models have similar legs?

_I_ would carry a 6-in-one screwdriver, set of small wrenches, and pliers.

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