Two (2) Collins 356-B modules - $550 - SOLD

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Potato Cakes

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Jul 1, 2014
Nashville, TN
For sale are two Collins modules I bought here a couple of years ago with the intention of racking them up and putting them to use. After staring at them for too long I realized I am not going to get around fixing these up so I need to let them go. I looks like whoever had them before me started recapping them with Vishay film in one and orange drops in the other. The can capacitors need to be replaced as they are the original ones. CE Manufacturing does make a couple that would work: a 4x 40uF/450V or a 4x 50uF/350V. I sent an inquiry to Hayseed Hamfest about the cost of making one that is the exact specifications but I have not heard back yet.

One has a complete set of tubes and the other is missing the 6V6's it needs. The 5879s are all NOS (GE I think). I bought them so long ago that I don't remember where I got them (there were no tubes included when I first purchased these modules). I'll include the tubes I have for them plus new connectors for wiring the modules. $550 shipped for both lower 48 states.




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