Two 4Ω secondaries.

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Nov 18, 2015
The medical profession here cant wait to get people into the MRI machine these days , when you drill down further into it it turns out many consultant doctors have clubbed together , leased the machine privately , installed it in public hospitals then charge the national health system back for its usage , theres massive money to be made from it . Now Im not denying that MRI is a very useful technology in the right circumstances , but theres still certain issues such as nerve pain where an MRI wont reveal anything useful. In Ireland just now the governments plans to re-jig the broken down health system have been met with resignation after resignation at the top because the medics are afraid of looseing vested and very profitable interests .

At the electrical place I worked for a while I was involved in repairing a big mains transformer one time , the outermost secondary section on one of the bobbins had burnt out . We stripped out the lams , carefully unwound and counted the damaged section which was flat wire (oval cross section) . Once we'd figured out the cross sectional area of the original wire we could then choose a round wire with roughly half the cross section and bifi wind the new secondary section . Boss made a substantial bet with me I couldnt fit all the lams back into the core , a few of them were badly mashed up after being removed by brute force , I was well on my way to fitting them all back in but decided to leave a couple out to minimise the chances of doing damage and allow the boss to save face and money.


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