Youth survey in Ireland

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Nov 18, 2015
I heard the result of a survey here , basically two groups , rich kids and poor kids , the rich kids pointed to climate change as their biggest concern for the future , the kids from poorer neighbourhoods said  'household rent increases' were the main concern,

Ive lived an extremely 'low carbon' existance my whole life ,so once this carbon tax is set up , do I start off with the same rating as someone who's driven a V8 and taken half a dozen  jet setting  holidays a year their whole life ?

We have a local and european election on Friday here, I think the government are going to get a gigantic kick up the arse , they have a couple of arseholes in Housing and Health ,and a medical doctor running the show . The other day they passed a bill on the quiet ,putting evidence and testimoney relating to the Mother and baby homes and institutions of state out of public reach for 100 years ,  that effectively puts a lid on dirt that implicates Politics, the Church, Big medicine  and and darker powers that bubble under the surface here .

One of the big pharma giants in my neck of the woods is selling up , GSK , they wont be dismantleing  and packing up their plant , its getting sold on to the Chinese by the looks . 

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