2 new devices (pics...) New
« on: January 24, 2008, 04:32:33 PM »
Since you guys always like pictures I will share two new builds. I already posted them at the german forum.  Now for the rest of the world:

1. "Black Beauty GSSL"

Schaeffer front panel, Sifam 14 PPM, exchanged internal PSU with JLM AC/DC due to bad quality of my +/-15V Regs. Very quiet and good sounding.

2. VU Meter

I bought two Simpson 543 NOS meters at ebay. Used JLM meter buffer and AC/DC (Joes stuff is easy to build and works cool). One rail is for meter buffers, the other for meter lights.


2 new devices (pics...)
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Those look great.  Having "glamour shot" photos helps too.  :cool:

Any worries about the GSSL not having any ventilation holes in the chassis?  I haven't built one, so I don't know how hot they typically get inside.


2 new devices (pics...)
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Nice Look i like the look of both units.

How do you hook up the Meters in the studio??

Very professional.
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2 new devices (pics...)
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Quote from: "wmtunate"
Those look great.  Having "glamour shot" photos helps too.  :cool:

No, he just lives in a perfectly white space, like a science fiction home-of-the-future. That shade is called "utopian white."  :green:

Joking aside; Great looking builds! I wholeheartedly agree about the JLM products, easy builds and solid results.  :thumb:
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2 new devices (pics...)
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@wmtunate: (heat)
No. Since the only source of heat is the +/-15V Reg stuff on the PSU. Never had any problem with heat.

I simply wired I/O of the channels, so directly connected the male, female XLR and the meter of each channel. Quote from JLM:
"It is also extremely useful for buffering a real VU meter as it isolates the Total Harmonic Distortion caused by the internal rectifiers in the VU meter. This will usually drop the output THD of most circuits running VU meter direct another decimal point which is a good improvement."
I actually do some listening tests, I will do measurements later. If the circuit injects any "dirt", I will use a simple extra tranny to isolate the meters.

@skipwave: (white room)
All reverb presets called "White Room" are modeled after my home...:wink:

Since I am a lousy photographer I let all photos shoot by a friend of mine who is a Pro.


2 new devices (pics...)
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Real nice. Got more units to share?
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2 new devices (pics...)
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Since I am only posting finished and working units, look at:

Currently I'm working on six projects with some problems from missing front panel (Sumthing w/ Neuman 475 Summing Amp) to a dual 1176 with major problems.
Stay tuned


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