Hey all

i bought this silver looking copper cable (left on the pic) for my project.
Now i am not sure if it is really copper or just a clerical mistake from the shop.

The specs of the silver one:
#  high quality, stranded
# 0,25mm² diameter
# harmonized
# Copper core (VDE 0295 class 5)
# RoHS compatible
# Outer diameter: 1,30mm ±0,10mm
# Umax: 900V
# Temperature: -10...+105°C
# Core consists of 14x0,15mm strands

Specs of the orange copper colored cable:
# took it from a noname microphone cable

Are there any issues better using this or the other one for audio signal (cables from pcb to switches and back)?

Thank you

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in my honest opinion, i have never noticed much of a difference in wires for short runs so long as it is proper gauge for the current needed.
the silver stuff is probally just pretinned copper. You can always take a razor blade and scrape on the silver to see if its copper under the silver.
I have heard it is best to use silver solder/wire when soldering those old school connectors that are on porcelin standoffs....but that may be bs.. i couldn't tell ya.
With shielded cables it is a different story.....mostly on the braid amount. Some only have a small amount of coverage, some have 90 something percent ect... I like the stuff with a foil shield and a drain wire, makes life easier for me.
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ah okay its copper too. Thats good. ill take them for my switches and pots but i will wire up shielded which are near to the power supply.
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i would do a razor check to see if it copper, dont take my word for it!
shielded wire that you dont need the shield on, should only be grounded at one end to prevent ground loops.
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yeah i checked it out yet. its copper. i could not beliefe cause i only know the copper wire in the professional and non professional mic cables which are orange (copper color). that made me skeptic if they d be powercables for non audio... these silver copper cables are used in sommer/aes/ebu cables too.
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