Re: Neve style 500 series mic pre 1290 1073
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I don't get this part. Ok I put the sockets on the legs, i cut them I tiny bit since too long. Then should I solder the sockets to the legs?

No, you solder the legs to the PCB.
That way you can remove the DC converter and replace it in the future in case it fails.
At least thats how I interpret that, but as I told before I never built this project


Re: Neve style 500 series mic pre 1290 1073
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My best advice to you...

You're a new member, and you're still learning most of the really basic stuff which is great but you also need to do your part of the work to be more prepared for the projects you build.
A lot of the questions you asked were already replied in this thread.

My advice for any new project you do and for this one also is:
- Open a blank Word document
- Start reading the thread from the first page, from the beggining
- All the  info you think is relevant or might be relevant, copy it to the word document including photos
- posts that don't seem relevant just skip them fast
- it's a lot of pages but you will see you will go over them quickly
- When you reach the last page you will have learned a lot, have a better understanding of the project, it's problems and difficulties (remember a lot of people did it before you, shared experience) and you will also be much more confident in building the project

I proceed with this method for any project I do up until this day, I advise you to do the same.
People are really helpful around here but no one wants to keep answering the same questions over and over again. Specially stuff that you can also search easily in google like the mW to W conversion.

This is a groupdiy forum rule:


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