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If your talkin about the ppsd software just remember that you can accomplish the same thing just posting links to your files as well.  They wont be secured without ppsd or another alternative but ppsd does keep things organized as well.  You can also do newsletters from within the admin software thats included.


Re: File delivery...
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Yeah, at the moment we have a method of getting files up that works, but is a little cumbersome (one file at a time...), and needs babysat (for want of a better name!)... Then the client logs in, and ends up on an Apache page, which is not quite the experience I think clients should be getting! My collegue insists that paying for the likes of dropbox/yousendit/etc isn't worth it, because we (he) can code it all up for us... It's just a matter of knowing what we want, and how we want it!  ???

Doesn't help that I feel bad continuously firing ideas at him, which I know are (almost definitely!) going to cause him headaches as he implements them...

When we come up with something good, I'll try and persuade him to share the coding (maybe in the group diy emails...)

He's also just finished coding some alternative software for Igor's monitor controller that allows for stuff like proper muting, and a custom control surface (all volume levels are presets (user adjustable!), to tie in with something like Mr. Katz K system...), which I think he's willing to share...


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Re: File delivery...
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I think you can save some money if you install the ppsd software yourself.  Im sure your guy can set up a fresh database on your site.  That seemed like the toughest part, also there is the need to set up a cron job as well.  The price they show includes a installation and setup.  As for the company, ascad, real good customer service, my contact there is Jonathan, good guy and very reliable.


Re: File delivery...
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Yeah, it's open source so they can't charge for the software! Which is nice! Going to have a poke around with it, the less work we make for ourselves the better!

Thanks for the heads up!


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It says it's open source but I couldn't find any links to download the source code.

That would be a nice system to mess with and maybe modify to use some sort of drop-box functionality such that you can copy files over to a certain path on your LAN and the system will then copy it into the relevant project path for remote access. Or something...

I've been looking for some sort of solution to allow web, ftp, ssh, SMB, etc access to project file tree's with login user/group credentials and some sort of commenting.

Linux is great for this server stuff. Check out the SOX project too. It's a full featured command line mixer/daw-like app. My idea is that you could use something like this to automate project file distribution, conversion, commentary, upload/download, remote access, local access, synchronization, etc...

For instance, you just copy the hi resolution audio files into the local mounted linux folder and the server runs a cron which scans the directories periodically and updates the database accordingly for the PHP front end. generates low-rez mp3's and emails particular users the files for preview, merges back and forth emails from the various users into a threaded topic.... So all anyone needs to do is just listen and hit reply with their comments... Remix time comes and you can pull up the various versions and commentary...

Run all this on a dedicated linux server connected up through your dsl. Make this "Storage-LAN" a dedicated wired GB network for quickest local transfers and from outside that network access is via web, ftp, ssh, etc...

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Re: File delivery...
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Megashares and Mediafire have given me the best speeds, unscientific.


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