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what would be the top class pots for this project, I mean we dont look the price..but the best of the best.?


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Hello! Dropboxlink for BOM, Assembly Guide and Schematic is down. Has someone the papers?

Thank you!

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Hello! Dropboxlink for BOM, Assembly Guide and Schematic is down. Has someone the papers?

Thank you!

Same thing, does anyone have this document?


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Curious as well... loooking for the BOM if anyone had a copy they could send



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This is the offical support thread for the Send 'N Blend (SnB).  Each board set contains 4 channels of blend, Power Supply PCB, and 8 dual TRS adapter boards for 16 total TRS connectors.

Boards are now available, please see my white market:

As always, I ask to please keep this thread clean and friendly.  All further questions, issues, comments, etc - please refer to this thread.





-Accuracy and Wet/Dry Signal Bleed are directly related to the quality of pot used, so I recommend a good quality Conductive Plastic (CP) pot, 10% if you can find it.

-System runs off +/-18V.  1K6 fixed resistors are spec'd for the voltage set resistors on the regulators however there are provisions to use a POT to fine tune for exactly +/-18V if you choose (not necessarry imho).

-Each channel has 2 input / 2 Outputs (Dry In, Dry Return, Wet In, and Mix Out).  With 4 channels this would mean 16 XLR's (which would be a stretch to fit in a 1U enclosure).  For this reason TRS boards (for neutrik slimline series) are provided to easily allow 16 channels in a 1U enclosure.  Each TRS board holds 2 TRS connectors on .675" spacing.  They will fit vertically in the collective cases enclsoures, or can be mounted horizontally with plenty of room to spare in a parmetal or modushop enclosure.  Please note, if you are using the TRS boards you must use the nuts specified on the BOM, the hex type or nickel plated type nuts neutrik offers for the slimline series are too big to use on .675" centers.  To wire from the TRS boards to the main boards, just hardwire directly to TRS board and use a connector at the main board side for the simplest/cheapest solution.  Of course you could use a connector at both the TRS board and main board, but seems a waste imho.

-The boards provide 4 mono channels of blend, with the ability to link channels 1&2 (and 3&4 respectfully) to a single dual gang pot.  It is optional to do this, and you could just as easily leave all 4 channels independant, and simply hardwire the stereo link relays.

-Each channel has a hard bypass which consists of three (3) 12V relays running in series between the +/-18V rails for lowest power consumption.  The stereo link relays are a single 12V relay also running between +/-18V as well, and a 1/2W dropping resistor to limit the current (required for running a 12V relay at 36V).  The resistor is currently spec'd at 2K (sized for a 1K relay coil resistance, or 11mA current).  A 24V relay could also be used at this position, just resize the dropping resistors appropriately (simple ohms law).  If you use a relay with something other than a 1K coil resistance, the resitor will need to be resized accordingly.  The relay footprints will accomodate the small Axicom style relays spec'd on the BOM, or the larger panasonic types often used on various projects he on the lab.
hi , links broken ,
"closed" project ?
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Is project is closed?


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I believe Mike posted in the market that his DIY projects are pretty much done.  You may be able to get the documents from him.  Perhaps email him through his website?
MEI Studio - Long Island, NY:


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