Best SDC capsule for DIY Mic
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Hi guys,

I'm working on an idea for a DIY SDC mic, going to make my own PSU,Circuit & Mic shell, just wondering if anyone can steer me in the right direction for the best quality capsules.

Two contenders are -

MK-012 - (Using the -10dB pad for easy capsule mounting)

MXL 603 - Mike Joly style KM54 style capsule mod

Any other ones that im missing that might be good?




Re: Best SDC capsule for DIY Mic New
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CK1's  :D... though not cheap

I've been on the hunt recently as well....

From my extensive readings, it seems that people believe the mxl capsule to be pretty decent (I think that Michael Joly's approach is simply to open the vents on the mic body)
Somewhere, I believe that Marik said that he found the Studio Projects C4 to have some of the nicer sdc capsules amongst the lower cost mics.

I recently bought a pair of mics labeled as LDC (v250.... one of the many sp-1 style mics) which have the 603 capsule. 
I've replaced the capsules with some of the nicer china made ones for the schoeps circuits, and I've got the 603 capsules for another project... not a bad deal

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Re: Best SDC capsule for DIY Mic
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Thanks for you thoughs Davo,

I assume that the manufacturing process/quality control in Russia would be alot better than the Chinese made ones, My idea is to make my own mic bodies out of copper piping. I was think plumber piping is prob ok, but I'm open to suggestions on other materals too for mic building purposes

Any other help for a mic building newbie would be great!

I'm checking out some earlier posts on the search function, there's some really good useful info there that im reading!