Re: New ABX blind-testing software
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You mean like computing LUFS and the like?
I do not recognize that terminology   LUFS sounds like some kind of loudness metric.

No,, for blind listening tests to be meaningful the data needs to be parsed for statistical significance,, so tracking double blind listening trial results and then crunching the data statistically.

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Re: New ABX blind-testing software
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Yeah, Lacinato ABX and WebABX (and all ABX software that I'm aware of) compute the p-value / confidence. Feature lists are here:

FLAC support!
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Versions 2.37 through 2.39 released. New features:

2.39 fixes a few seeking/looping bugs, enables check for new version on startup (optionally), adds FLAC support via conversion to WAV, as well as MP3 support for linux distros that lack the needed system libraries, and adds a config.txt to set configuration variables

2.38 accessibility release: adds a few keyboard shortcuts, the ability to save results to a text file, a simpler alternate .abx syntax, a bell/buzzer for ABX guess success/failure, and fixes a few very minor bugs

2.37 fixes MP3 playback in some recent operating system versions

Download at the website.