Hello all,

I thought I would list my skills and offer them to the community to help people build cool things. My name is Joshua Updyke and I am a Mechanical engineer by trade. I have a masters degree in control theory which means I ride the fence between mechanical, electrical and software. I work for a robotics company and build robots during the day.

I love to do side projects to help people and that is how I fund my personal projects. I have a lot of experience in CAD design, simulation, and manufacturing. I also have access to several machine shops and machine parts all the time. Below are some the the services I can offer. If you need something let me know.

3d Printing - I have access to four 3d printers and have built several printers myself. I can print some parts for your project or help you build your own printer.

Machining - I have access to several metal lathes, vertical mills, cnc mills, waterjet, sheet metal tools, arbor press, welding (mig and tig), plasma cutting and just about any other metal working tool you can imagine. If you need a prototype built I probably can make it for you.

Powder coating and anodizing - I have my own anodizing set up and have access to a powder coating set up as well.

Vinyl cutting, laser engraving, silk screen and embroidery - I have access to all these tools as well.

So if you are looking to make a prototype of your design please send me an email or private message and I will be happy to help.



Re: Mechanical Engineer and Prototype Maker in the Pittsburgh PA Area
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hi josh, I just posted a job, care to check it out in the job forum?
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