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Thank you but the manual don’t show if there are 1 or 2 star grounds (one for the psu, one for the unit).
On my unit, I reduced my noise by making like this :
- solder small pads on the psu board to have the ground passing through the pcb
- star ground on psu, at corner of pcb, connected to the iec inlet ground and to the pcb ac ground.
- psu xlr ground connected to dc ground of pcb

On the unit, I putted my star ground at the corner of the aca board, marked « ground ».
- this star ground is connected to the ground pin of the xlr Input  from psu, and to the channels boards grounds.
-regarding the manual, I removed the ground wire sitting between the +16v and the -16v of aca board because it is connected by the pcb to the star ground (at the corner of the same pcb)

With this I don’t have 2 points of ground connected together on multiple spots...

I don’t hear noise but my fabfilter eq shows -78dbfs in my daw (audio converters settings : +20db)
Is it a good noise level for this project or is there anything to make it even lower ?

Also, what is the 0 point at the output pot ? I have no gain/no loss with output about 4  o’clock..normal ?

Thank you