SOLD - 1954 Tube Limiter build
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SOLD - The Beast - 1954 Tube Limiter (2 units).

So I discovered this Tube Limiter circuit in a 1954 Radio Electronics Magazine.    It looked simple enough but quite interesting and I was in need of a Tube limiter something similar to a Federal Limiter AM64u but different.   Then after seeing this and my big ideas I was thinking maybe I’ll build this then modify it and “take it to market”.  Well, that never happened.   But I did build two units.  Unfortunately, I did something wrong in my point to point circuit layout and the units don’t pass audio.   Then life took some twists and turns and they sat and sat collecting dust for another day.   That day never came and so its time I pass them on for the next electronics genius to reassemble them with fresh eyes.  I’m sure it was some really silly because all the voltages were looking good.  Someone with a scope and signal tracer will probably find the error quickly.

So here is the mother load of what you get and the story behind it:

I built the units in Parmetal Chasis, and found these NOS Gates Level Devil meters from Surplus Sales.  The Vintage Knobs are all from Leeds Radio (expensive), UTC A12 and A27 input and output transformers.  Every Pot is a PEC from digikey (theres 14 of them in the Two units - you can do the math on that).  All resistors are 2W Carbon Comp from either Leeds Radio or Mouser, All caps are either Sprague atoms, Orange Drops, and some other Vintage types from Leeds (Vintage ones were around 10 each). 

I built the power supply separately to avoid all 60Hz hum issues.  The way I get the power from the PSU chassis to the units is by a neutrik 4 pin connector, so thats B+, 6.3V, 6.3V and GRND.  Be warned its damn heavy,  They are separate power supplies - 2 power transformers, Two Chokes, Two Fuses, Two Switches, 2 separate filter caps DC boards, 2 separate 5y3 rectifier tubes.  If you don’t want to buy the PSU i will supply Many 4 Pin neutrik chassis mount male connectors and the cables which has the Female 4 pin Connectors.   

I think I was in this about 1500+ at the end of the day for the whole shebang.   

Heres what you get in total, check the pictures and ask any questions:

Two Units as in the pictures.
The Original schematic and magazines
Power supply Cables (4 pin doo-dads)
over 8 SETS of tubes
All the leftover Carbon Comp resistors
Extra UTC A12 and A27 transformers
Various leftover Caps
Extra male and female Neutrik XLR Chassis mount connectors.
***Tube Power Supply optional and at extra cost.
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Tube limiters..yum!


Re: SOLD - 1954 Tube Limiter build
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I am arriving too late , but for my curiosity can you show me pictures and schematics? In PM if you prefer...
Thanks a lot