Feeler - Acoustic Panel flatpacks
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Having recently set up a small manufacturing facility producing broad band acoustic absorption panels, I was wondering if there would be any interest in flatpack kits for such panels.

The kits would basically include all the timber elements required to build the panel frame, as well as the fabric covering and possibly the mounting hardware. The wood is all professionally  machined with all the necessary joints so that it can just be glued together. Panels are sized to accomodate 5" of mineral wool, which could then be sourced locally to reduce the shipping costs - no sense in shipping stuff around the world if it is available locally!

The build instructions would include specifications for the mineral wool etc.


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I think this is an excellent idea. I built a load of panels and gobos from scratch over the summer, which involved turning my front room into a lumber yard for about three weeks - great learning experience, but if I'd been able to buy the wood precut for a reasonable price it would've saved a lot of time!

This is only one data point of course, but it sounds like a great solution for home studio folks like me.

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Thanks for that feedback TT.

Possibly, some more info and a pic or two may elicit further feedback.

I quite enjoy the look of natural wood in a studio, which is why my panels retain the outer wooden frame - as opposed to wrapping the fabric around the outside of the frame, although fabric on the outside is always an option. Wood on the outside obviously means that the woodwork itself needs to look good - hence the proper woodworking joints, no nails or screws etc.

The attached pic is a closeup of one of the corner joints, showing the joint itself as well as the beveled edges etc.

The wood is 12mm (1/2") commercial ply, which has a hard-wood outer veneer.

The idea would be to supply all of the machined wooden pieces that could then just be glued together and then stained and / or painted with the desired coating.

The inner dimensions of the frame are 600mm x 1200mm (24" x 48"), which is a standard size for mineral wool bats.
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This pic shows the assembled frame as well as a couple of completed panels in the background. (the smaller panel is a half height panel) which I could also do as a flatpack if there is sufficient interest.

The panel below the frame (the one which the frame is balancing on) is an art panel with a custom printed graphic on the cover fabric.