High quality 10% pots removed from unused, surplus Neve modules.  However, some of the short shaft types were removed from Amek modules.

Unfortunately the potentiometers do not have the nuts. However the whole lot will cost you almost GBP 250.00 plus VAT new from Audio Maintenance.

GBP 65.00 for the lot. Plus shipping and paypal.

I will throw in the four black knobs.


These are the switch caps from the same modules.

GBP 30.00 for the lot. Plus shipping and paypal.


Lot of caps and three push button switches.

I am not sure if the caps came from Neve modules but the switches definitely did.

GBP 20.00 for the lot. Plus shipping and paypal.


This is a HP filter module that was originally in a metal casing. It has been sitting in my drawer for a long time.  I have no idea of the freq band but cut-off is varied by the potentiometer. Two twsites pairs of wires are in and out. You just have to try and see. Or part it out as the inductors are worth the money.

GBP 25.00 plus shipping and paypal.

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