INSERT ONE by Total Audio Control
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Here is another handy gadget kit for 500 series racks. INSERT ONE.

Although the INSERT ONE is primarily designed to provide insert points for MID-SIDE ONE 
( ) to be used on 500 series racks that do not have insert facility, it can also be used for creating insert points for other 500 series modules.

It has three pairs of TRS jack sockets.

The first pair on the top is directly connected to its respective XLRs at the back of the rack so that they are not wasted. The signal path here is straight through and passive.

The middle and bottom pairs are two independent pairs of SEND/RETURN  points. These have the option of fitting our BALANCING CARD for unbalanced to balanced conversion. Although in the picture they are labelled as MID SEND/RETURN and SIDE SEND/RETURN, we also have an alternative faceplate with only INSERT1 and INSERT 2 legends.

The INSERT ONE is supplied in two versions. MID-SIDE ONE  and STAND-ALONE.


MID-SIDE ONE version includes the BALANCING CARD as this is a must for its balanced operation unless you specifically want the points to be unbalanced.

The headers on the right hand side of the board are generally not used for MID-SIDE ONE operation. The connection to the module is made through the two 10 way headers at the bottom.

However, as it can also been seen in the below diagram it can also be configured for series source and parallel insert by linking the respective headers to each other.


STAND ALONE VERSION normally does not include the BALANCING CARD but it can be fitted any time if/when required. 

In this version the connections are taken from 2 Way (unbalanced) or 3 Way (balanced) locking  headers  and soldered straight to the back of the card edge connector pins. Just to refresh our minds the card edge connectors for these are;

PIN 2 : + OUTPUT / Balanced
PIN 4 :  - OUTPUT / Balanced

PIN 8    :  - INPUT / Balanced
PIN 10 : + INPUT / Balanced

PIN 7 :  RETURN / -6dB Unbalanced
PIN 9 : SEND      /   -6dB Unbalanced.

(However, PIN 2 is also -6dB Unbalanced Output which INSERT ONE also has connections to. But this is generally Radial reserved.)

Naturally  without the BALANCING CARD insert points 1 and 2 are  unbalanced as pins 7 (Return) and 9 (Send) on the card edge connector are unbalanced points. Therefore for balanced operation the balancing card has to be fitted.

The stand-alone version can also be used for passive signal splitting purposes. The 3 way locking headers are balanced connections to the jack sockets. You can take the connections from here and solder the leads directly to the balanced inputs/outputs on the card edge connectors. This gives you the following options;

3 balanced parallel inputs and 3 balanced parallel outputs on 3 slots.
6 parallel inputs on 6 slots.
6 parallel output on 6 slots.

For any of these options we can customise the faceplate engraving at no extra cost.

In the below picture 3 balanced parallel inputs and 3 balanced parallel outputs are shown.

The INSERT ONE can now be purchased through our White Market listing.