Music box wth AMD cpu Rock
« on: January 19, 2018, 11:37:43 PM »
Have to love modern PC power - I just did up a Win7 64 box ... AMD cpu and SSD drives with 16GB of mem.

I used 'silent' psu and cpu cooler units, and a passively cooled graphics card, no case fans and top  panel removed  .... for quiet operation  :)

Whole box was around 1600aud   ....   The power is awesome and reliability of operation is great.

It's replacing my 11 year old music room box ....  which is going strong still and now to see service as a file server for a long time to come.

But wow! I like the AMD chips - serious power  ... and I'm talking of a model several years old now ... the A8. 

The curent series Ryzan must be even more amazing.

And SSD drives are the best thing of all - so damn fast and silent.

Just blitzes thru the biggest stacks of plug-ins with Cubase   ;D ;D
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