Hi! I've got 2 unfinished channels of Troodent (Tr1dent) A-Range preamp. The current state of the project can be seen in the pics attached; the boards were populated with Takman REX CF Resistors on the audio path and 1% MF resistors on the voltage path, some electrolytics were added on the "voltage" path of the first board (rightly one), but as I couldn't make up my mind about whether to make 2 completely separate builds or a single 2-channels rack, I left one unpopulated in that area. All joints made with TRT Wonder Solder Signature (leaded) and I can supply some to the builder if he wants to keep using it/try it for himself.

I should have most of the components needed to complete the work, WHAT I HAVE for sure IS:

- diodes
- some caps (e.g. another Sprague Atom cap [identical to the black one soldered on the first board, needed to fill in the second board], another Green poly Roederstein ERO cap, some Elna Silmic IIs, some Wimas…)
- 2 x Carnhill trafos (correct ones, brand new)
- 2 x Sowter trafos (correct ones, brand new)
- transistors
- rotary switches.

What I DON'T have is:

- mains and phantom transformers
- rack enclosure
- connectors
- knobs
- levers (phantom on/off, phase tilt [don't even know if it's provided in this particular project]…)

I'm therefore looking for someone who could finish this project adding the remaining stuff where needed and completing the wiring and racking. I'm not picky about materials, at this point, as most of my concerns were about resistors and caps but I should have a decent amount of Wimas and Elna Silmic IIs were needed, so whatever gets mounted on the rest of the project is basically ok if it works right.
No need for a faceplate nor any particular aesthetic fanciness: the spartan way is preferred as I just need them working at 100%.

What I need is a quote about pricing and a time estimation, for nowadays I'd need just a single studio preamp channel but thought completing these two might cost me just as much as a used Daking Mic Pre One (which is currently my preferred option).

I'm based in Florence, Italy, but am willing to deal with anyone within EU, PayPal or wire transfer and I'd prefer to split the payment in two, first half to get the work started and the second at completion. EDIT: I will provide all the documents I have in my possession (building guide [yep, I managed to find it in another computer I have  ;D ], switch wiring, general wiring, pics of complete units built by other members of this terrific board…).

Anyone up for the challenge? ;)
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Re: Looking for a preamp assembler (ITA - EU)
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Please, find below some other pics I couldn't attach to the first post.


Re: Looking for a preamp assembler (ITA - EU)
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Re: Looking for a preamp assembler (ITA - EU)
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The rotary switches. These can be replaced by other ones (e.g.  Elna, Grayhill…) if the chosen builder feels it.
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Re: Looking for a preamp assembler (ITA - EU)
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Hi everybody: this project has been assigned, so I'm not looking for candidates anymore. A deep "THANK YOU!" to all of you who showed up and proposed themselves, what a terrific community! <3


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