Drip EQP1 - Questions
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I'm building a pair and wondering if anyone has some opinions...

1. Rectifier (Tube or Diode) - the v4 boards provide options for either. Anyone using diodes instead of the 6x4?

2. Hammond 155G - Is there any improvement with the choke?

3. Tube Selection - Any recommendations?

Re: Drip EQP1 - Questions
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The original used 6X4. I don’t think there would be any sonic difference with diodes though.

The original didn’t use the choke, and people seem happy. I didn’t use the choke for that reason.

I used Telefunken tubes. But I like a more hi fi sound. RCA would likely be less hi fi and more round. You can always try different ones.

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Build one earlier on this year. 

Went for the 6x4 and the Hammond choke. So far so good. I guess the Diodes are less likely to fail over time vs tubes. But still, I like the fact that the original units where using a 6x4. Certainly looks cool too :)

Used a Mullard for 12au7 and a JJ's for 12ax7. Very impressive low end and smooth and silky top end.

Tube selection is very subjective though, I guess you need to try different model and ear them for yourself. Unless you use very cheap ones, any decent brand will work just fine, just different colors. It's like asking if you prefer green or blue? No good or wrong IMO.

Be sure to wire the 9330 Sowter transfo correctly and follow the latest instructions from Drip Website.

Erratum at : https://ws.onehub.com/workspaces/894291/files/2354686909

It's a phenomenal unit. On kick or  bass, even on acoustic guitar it's killer.



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