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In the 1990s the Democratic party moved rightward with a fiscally conservative but socially liberal position. Recently there has been a fight between more progressive wing and the centrist wing.  During this time the Republican party surged to the right, way outside the norms of recent decades.
The antifa / sjw is a stirred up big story online and in sensationalist media (especially conservative propaganda)- but not a significant part of the Democratic party, IMO.
It is the antithesis of the right wing extremists.  They protest the neo nazis etc...


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generally arguing the conservative position
swung into an all out war against [Leftist PC culture]

So, how you going to spin this one below?

JP discusses a Democratic message, "Built not Bought"


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Good message but still identifying politics in sections but that’s always going to be built into a parties message.   

George Bush started a war that has destabilized the Middle East over fake news and left. 5 trilion  or more of a non funded war debt and a death toll of how many lives.   

 Bill Clinton  signed legislation to repeal glass stegal  allowing. Investment banks to merge with consumer banking. That has still not been corrected IMO.   2008 was the result.

Reagan change FCC laws allowing corps to create broadcast networks with 100s of stations rather than the previous 1 tv station per market.   Media sell advertising that benefits greatly from these identity politic messages all day long.

McCain Feingold created Campain finance reform that ultimately gave 527s ,  (I believe) , run campain smear adds without disclosing the people behind the contributions.

 Soro’s contributes money for paid disadance .Here is a person  that profits by destabilizing monetary systems.  He has a  right to influence politics in the US?   I consider this an act of war.

ACA was written by medical corps and insurance companies.   The cost of medical coverage has risen astronomical and currently no answer in sight on how to control. Cost comparative to other country’s in the world that also struggle but are doing far better than this piece of legislation created by , never mind.

Blaming 1/2 the people in a country and detriment that they are the cause when both parties have numerous self interest ahead of the people they represent.   

It’s the great divide.   Blame it on the other guy.   

I agree with the assessment . 
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