car audio questions
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Bought a used 2017 Camry with what I believe was the higher end JBL system more for the price and need of a reliable car.
The sound system is not very good if you search the web you will find discussions about this.
I was surprised I thought the system was broken at first it has little or no bass
So I have been researching speaker replacements and have a clue about what I might replace.

For fun do a google search for what the speakers look like.

Here are the questions.
Has anyone or know of company that can reprogram the unit it sounds like it might have some kind of bass limiter circuit in it? (or maybe it is the lack of bass from the speakers)

If I turn the bass tone control up and mid and treble down it makes little difference

I don't want to change the unit because it has the audio, nav, bluetooth etc in it.

Has anyone done a Camry speaker upgrade? How did it work out?

This might be the worse sounding stock car audio system in any car I have owned from the late 80's till now


Re: car audio questions
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I have not done any car audio changing of parts since the 80's so I am not current with what is good etc.

I searched and looked at other forums however I was hoping someone(s) here might have worked on a Camry I tend to trust information posted here higher than other forums.

I was hoping someone had some information to share because there are a lot Camrys on the road.


Re: car audio questions
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2021, 10:54:09 PM »
Could it be just from the speakers?

that is easy to test, just disconnect the 2 front speakers and wire different speakers there to try out


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