2 x 1081 Kits (inc Switches & Semiconductors) + 2 x Pultec Vintage PIO Cap Sets

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Jan 19, 2007
United Kingdom
2 x 1081 Kits (inc Switches & Semiconductors £250 each   - SOLD

OK sadly I have to sell these two 1081 kits, it was a lot of work back and forth over two years to amass these parts from four different sellers & group buys.
I've recently had some major life changes and I have to be realistic about managing my time right now.
Cheap price for a quick sale on these, selling for quite a bit less than cost.

Two kits are available, pictures below are of 1 x kit

Each kit contains:

Tommy Tones 1081 PCB - Exact copy of original Neve 1081, with main board, opamp boards & pins.
1081 Switches Group Buy Kit - All the very hard to source rotary switches and pots to complete the project.
1081 Semiconductor Group Buy Kit including:

32 x BC184C
40 x BC214
9 x BC441
10 x BC461
4 x PN3645
8 x AA144 Germanium Diode
14 x BAX13

Plus some expensive polystyrene caps (not shown) I will include these free of charge (these cost about £40.)

Transformers/inductors are not included - depending on how you want to build you can buy the inductors from http://www.audiomaintenance.com/acatalog/Transformers_and_Inductors.html
Even with the Transformers/Inductors its going to cost about 20% of the original to build.

Lots of great comprehensive documentation is available for this project, all the difficult legwork is done so just follow the diagrams - full BOM and detailed diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.
I'll included a zip file with all this info, pics etc that I have collected.

I'm based in the UK, happy to provide my bank details if you want to do a bank transfer or Paypal if you pay their 3.4% fees (+ £9)
UK Shipping add £10
International Shipping add £25





2 x Pultec Tone Capacitor Kits £40 / £30

These were bought through this forum from Patrick at VelvetTone studios who put together a few kits with original authentic NOS Paper-In-Oil & Polystyrene tone caps - the same as used in the Orignal Pultec.
Perfect for use in Drip Pultec or in the many different clones.
(These are very hard to source)

One kit has a few values missing so  selling slightly cheaper (£30)
Will sell for £65 if you buy both together.
There originally cost £140 with shipping & customs fees so its quite a saving
UK Shipping add £5
International Shipping add £15



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