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For Sale 500 Mic-Pre Module with original Neve output TX

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Aug 19, 2006
Glasgow - UK
I had originally designed this as a multipurpose module. A few members purchased to build them as line amps for colouring. One built it as a mic-pre. This is the last one.

The module has two stages.

The input stage is Neve V3 mic input stage with adjustable gain. This is based on 5534 and built on a small daughter board.

The output stage is based on the Neve BA683 line output module with the original output tx and 5534. However, I have designed the output stage also to accept DOA. Currently the 5534 is on a plug-in module.

The input transformer is not included. However, the foot print accepts TF 10015 but the centre is routed out also to accept other types with fly leads.

Currently the gain is adjustable up to 600 / 55dB. With a 1:2 transformer it will provide just over 61dB, and with 1:4 almost 68dB.

There are three DPDT toggle switches for phase, pad and +48V. These are hard wired. There is also status LED for the +48V.

The faceplate shows the gain scaling from 1 to 10 as a generic numbering.

Fully tested and working. All you need to do is to install the input transformer.

Price is GBP 200.00 plus shipping and paypal.

Please note that I have to charge VAT on this for the UK buyers. For outside UK there is no VAT..


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Hi Sahib, do you have any more of these? And what footprint is the input transformer? I have several belclere tf10014 transformers from that era of Neve, perhaps they would work in this context?

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