Anyone tried the RTL utillity ?

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I was able to try out the RTL Utillity yesterday , C++ redistributable is required .
Theres extra buttons to quickly change sample frequency and buffer size , the results of the tests are nicely presented on the log page ,making quick comparisons easy .

I tried the SSL2 audio interface with 4 PC's of different vintage , they all gave similar results on the tests , I was able to get a value of around 3ms at 192khz with a 64 sample buffer size .
One curiosity is the fact that each time I did the test I got slightly a slight variabillty in the results , obviously if you want to be able to compensate for latency accurately you need to know precisely the delay , reported latency from the interface itself was 640 samples , the actual measured value was somewhere between 570-590 samples

I was also able to access the internal loopback mode in the SSL , that gave a slightly lower latency than cabled loop back connection ,there was around 0.1 mS difference .

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