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julien31 said:
Django, look at post 1, and download "compiled informations from this thread in a single PDF", you'll find what you want (and more!)

thanks dude, not sure how i missed that one!
Hi Volker,

:)  [dank dir vielmals für den Banner - hab ihn gleich eingepflegt] :)

thanks @ soundcollage and Cardinen
I successfully installed the stepped switches.

Erich T.
;) Volker,

Thanks for the Banner  ;D

T4Bs have arrived  (DripV2-matched)

Took a few cups of coffee to wrap my head around calibration, now it seems so simple and everything is as it should be.  8)

Mods to be done will be to move the limiter response trimmer to the front panel like Kingston 0-500K-1M.  Other than that I think I'll leave it be cause this box sounds wonderful!  I've been using it as a line amp to add some '3D' to various material, love me some tubes.
julien31 said:
I just finished my 2-LA2A and I found that 1 of the output transformer doesn't work (Edcor XSM 10K/600).

Julien, have a close look at the wires going to the tabs of your edcor. You may of inadvertently broken a wire when moving the tabs.
I've done this a few times myself and fixed it buy carefully stripping back the insulation and re-soldering.
(you've probably checked this already but i thought i'd post just in-case)
Another quick question, on the pcb for the inputs and outputs is the negative symbol for the ground or the negative half of the input?
django said:
Another quick question, on the pcb for the inputs and outputs is the negative symbol for the ground or the negative half of the input?

I wired mine as negative=audio cold, ground (shield) was in the middle of the 3 pin molex...  (hope I did it right  ;)  )

Can I reiterate how freaking awesome this thing sounds?!  8)
Hey Volker what a superbly designed project--mine worked right straight away (not counting an idiotic power transformer hookup error on my part).

Just one question--I only ordered 150pf mica caps for the C104/C204 (C4) spot and I have a fairly severe high-end roll-off. I did some alligator clip experimenting and found that adding a couple ceramic caps I had lying around in parallel (bringing the value nearer to 380pf) would restore the highs and flatten the frequency response.

Do you all reckon it's acceptable to use ceramic caps in this part of the circuit? Or should I suck it up and mail order some more silver mica caps?
G-Sun said:
Has anyone built the D-LA2A with 3 T4B’s - slow | medium | fast ? Or two?

I will be testing this feature in the near future. As soon as i receive drip's fast optos in fact.. ordered them more than 3 weeks ago so they should be here soon.

my D-LA2A board ist nearly finished. Since this unit is (after Bo Hanséns DI Box) my second diy project, forgive me my stupid question:
I'm afraid toasting it when connecting it to power supply without testing for shorts before. Could you give me some advise for certain points I should start checking?

congrats  8)

Thanks for this link. The challenge for me with parts like this is knowing what to search for.

According to the datasheet


It looks like the terminal spacing is 5.08mm. Will these fit?

MicDaddy said:
[silent:arts] said:
you can just solder the ground wire directly ;)

Which is exactly what I did, only soldered to the underside of the pcb to keep it pretty.

EDIT:  ::) of course when I get off my butt and use the google, I find this:  http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/386373-term-qf-male-ra-110-tab-052-d-4906.html

Not too sure of exact dimensions/lead spacing so double check to find one that fits.
I simply searched for a 'right angle male disconnect'