Drip Four Seven (micro) Silent Arts WHITE D-La2a -SOLD-

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Dec 21, 2008
Tucson, Az
Sooo...long time buyer first time seller, decided I have had these two projects long enough (about 4 years now) and I already have similar units sooo...

Drip Four Seven Vers.3 Micro...

But wait, thats not all! Order today and I'll throw in this amazing Silent Arts White D-LA2A (it was some sort of christmas thing I ended up with)

$100.00 covers everything (shipping etc.)...

I don't like competing (sorta) with Silent Arts here, so the price reflects a free D-La2A thats included with the cost of the Drip.

I don't remember the story with these boards (the white christmas version)...and the Drip is obviously an older version since I don't think they make the micro anymore...

Thanks for looking...


(ps will entertain splitting them apart from one another but no one likes a messy divorce it hurts the kids the most)


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