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Please just stop - when you are being continuously misunderstood like it obviously happens in these fora, the fault is hardly on the part of the receivers. Think about it.

If you have something real to contribute with, please do - but the wast majority of your posts are coming through as patronizing, negative and self-righteous.

And no, it's not about language or different perception, it's about your personal communication style: A great many decently-understood forum'ers around here are US english speakers

/Jakob E.
I'm merely repeating my Post #15!!! Looking at your recent images shown in Post #41 actually scares me!!!

[there’s probably errors on the most recent iteration] -- And.....it's an unfortunate "fact-of-life" that you DO NOT want to have any errors!!! That's just how things are.

Otherwise.....GOOD LUCK!!!

Imagine if someone talked down to you like this while you were learning, its pretentious and unhelpful. Maybe instead of writing essays about how everyone misreads your tone, you can put the same amount of thought into how your words are perceived.
Sorry, if you haven't got those by now, not sure what to tell you. USPS sucks, glad no money was involved with this :(.

Had to take a break from this project to concentrate on some personal stuff. I think the boards for the channel strip and ACA are done, going to order them soon and will post the gerbers for whoever wants them, assuming they're working :).
DIY mixer - It'd very cool. It's a touch of "golden hand" master.
I kindly envy your acquisition. Especially looking at how carefully and efficiently this mixer is assembled.
I'm afraid modern DIYers are not capable of this.