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FS: lot of Neutrik connectors, Mogami mic cable, broken Beyerdynamic, AT mics

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Apr 5, 2014
Hey all,
I'm selling a bunch of parts/etc that I've had sitting around awhile. All of the the Neutrik XLR and TRS connectors are still in their unopened plastic. Check it out:

  • 8  XLR Male - Neutrik NC3 MXX-B - black, gold pins
  • 4  XLR Male - Neutrik NC 3MX - silver, silver pins
  • 2  XLR Female - Neutrik NC3 FXX-B - black, gold pins
  • 8  TRS NP3X-B Stereo Phone Plug - black, gold jacks
  • Mogami 2549 microphone cable - 86 feet
  • 4  3-foot cables: (2) XLR-M, (2) XLR-F to raw ends
  • 8  Neutrik NP3TT-P TT connectors and crimping tool

Beyerdynamic M500 N (C) - works but needs repair
The ribbon motor pickup element is broken off in the headbasket (see pics), and needs to be refastened to the mic body.  Everything is still connected and the mic still works, but definitely needs repaired.

Audio Technica ATM31 electret condenser mic - not working

PreSonus HP4 headphone amp and power supply - for parts / not working, got burned out accidentally by plugging in the wrong power supply...
Broken bits still available - will bundle together for cheaper if you're interested!