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Wanted Marinair Lo1166 Wanted

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Aug 14, 2010
I would like to buy original Marinair Lo 1166. Reasonable offers please.
I need this transformer for testing ...to compare with one I made..Anyone meant to borrow me one? Rent?
I see now ,USA, I am willing to pay shipping in booth direction, can we find some agreement? I want to listen comparison , not only look graphs...
Contact Dan Alexander on Facebook, he's in LA and is selling them for cheap. I sold him one LO1166 back a couple months ago so he might still have it / some..
Hi Warpie...first, I can try ti fix , maybe contacts, maybe can unwrap wire..so great because I can count turns, layers and confirm diameter..I can learn a lot. Better to break one already not working transformer ..If I have funkcional transformer, I will probably first test, and later open him...maybe best to buy booth, good and bad transformer...but for now I see only one on internet around 660 dollar..little expensive, I can give 500 EUR.
I had no idea prices were so crazy high.
I think I will sell my LO1166 transformers get a lot of money and then buy the Carnhill equivalent transformers to replace the vintage ones.
The Carnhill transformers are great and cheap, there's no improvement in using vintage LO1166
I already bought Carnhil version ,it is on the way from Britain,And UTM.from Poland...then we will compare all with real one ..
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There's no real ones or fake ones,
they're all real transformers
I agree with you. Iron, bobbin, wire. But from some reason , they not sound same. Personally, I REALLY like the sound of them. But , did they saturate on similar point? How they saturate? I don't know..because Im not compared them. I m sure "that" sound is much in saturation...Did they have same frequency response? I don't know, because I'm not compare them on similar condition.I don't like to throw away 590 EUR, but If I want o make "clone sound of lo1166" then I must make closest I can. I this moment I made nice transformer based on CJ drawings. Sounds great, and sound in all 50 I made is repeatable, all transformer sound very close.Maybe I'm stupid or I exaggerate , but I enjoy I'm this process. .This is travelling. When I come to the end,I guess I will be boring. 🤗
Anything neve is ridiculous $$$ and has been for a minute I think, I thought I was crazy when I bought one for $350 (I was). scarcity and being the most recognized vintage brand I guess?? $500 for a transformer is silly, hopefully nobody buys at that price so people have to come down. It always was curious to me how 1073 prices were increasing and API 312 seemed to not for a long time, both amazing pres, one is $1300 one is $7000 (with Eq I get it) but still