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Mic Bodies, Mics, Preamps, Capsules

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Apr 17, 2010
4/7/20 Added some better pictures of the preamps, also added the 500 series lunchbox.

Downsizing my studio and selling all of my diy stuff and other things.  Pics are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y41apn04bwyu5p1/AACsFzf3wKdKu3-S_6P4w7CPa?dl=0

Mic Bodies:
M49 body,  no binder connector or shockmount.  No longer for sale
Sterling Audio, Mic body only.  Heavy duty body,  Missing a couple screws.  $20+shipping
I also have a few extra random headbaskets, free with purchase

Dany's  K847  with Cinemag transfo and RK-47 capsule.  Built in a BM800 mic body.  You can get black, blue or white body with it. - $300 + ship
Upgraded BM800 mic with upgraded electret capsule and redesigned circuit.  I am honestly not sure where the information came from to build this one but I know it did make a noticeable difference (in a good way).  $30 + ship

Sound Skulptor MP573- 500 series Neve style preamp, Sounds fantastic, really going to miss this one. $400+ ship
AVD audio MP312 Preamp- 500 series API style $200 +ship
Five Fish SK-1 DI- 500 series, custom faceplates. $150 +ship
DIYRE Colour Palette- $200

Green Pre's 4 complete built boards and power supply.  All components, just need a case and wire everything up.  55+ shipping.

Maiku K47 new never opened- no longer for sale
Chinese CK12 type capsules-New $30 each 2 avail.
Luke CK12 capsule- Brand New sold
Capsule from Studio Projects B1 mic- $30

500 Series Lunchbox:  Fredenstein lunchbox with external power supply.  Didn't like the cheap enclosed PS was giving sum hum, so built a JLM audio power station PS for it.  $200 plus shipping

2x power supplies for Saffire Pro 40 interface.  Brand new- $bo



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Apr 17, 2010
mylesgm said:
How much for the green preamps?  I think I have a case for them lying about somewhere.
55+ shipping,  added to the original post.

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