More UK Metalwork, Rack Cases and Audio bits suppliers



Those in the know will already know it
Apart from the obvious Canford, Studiospares there are a few smaller suppliers
Bryant Broadcast

About the same price as Canford for Neutriks
They do custom metal work (Similar to Holt Broadcasting)

Off the shelf home made Rack Cases from £25 for a 1U 100mm

New Box
Interesting site
Wiring Bible - MS decoder, EDAC pinouts, Pads etc

Mentioned these before
Own badged Audio transformers, neutrik and amphenol connectors
Neutrik SPDIF-AES convertors
Cheap Neutrik

VDC Trading
Cables, Neutrik (same price as Canford)
Technical appendix with pin outs,
COnnector cut out info for DIN, EDAC. D25 etc..
They sell holesaws in XLR etc dimensions

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