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May 19, 2008
Its possible to use a 961/962 Studer meterbridge on 169/269 consoles.

I post this howto since I've not found any documentation about it.

The only, insignificant, missed features are [studio on, ready, call] LEDs.
All the rest works perfectly, meters, correlator, FAST LED and PFL speaker.

I've done that on a stereo 269 and a 962 stereo meterbridge,
with PPM meters and correlator, but I'm sure the same procedure
will be ok for other cases.

My 269 monitor unit is 4ch Type 3 [pag 229 of Studer manual].

We have 3 issues to solve:

A] incompatibility of DB25 pinout in 169/269 vs 961/962:

PP3-9 (violet) -> chassis on 169/269, -6V bulb illumination on 961/962

PP3-10 (white) -> -8V for the grms on 169/269, -6V LEDs power source on 961/962.

red/white cable from R75 (0V) on 169/269, call LED sign in 961/962
[note that we already have the 0V on DB25-8]

DB25-24: not connected on 169/269, studio LED sign in 961/962

DB25-25: not connected on 169/269, ready LED sign on 961/962

N.B. on my meterbridge board, the connection of the resistors/LEDs are different than the ones
on the 961/962 service manual [pgg 181 and 182], also if my 962 bridge's onboard printed number [1.961.902.81] is the same as the one in the manual.
on manual:
DB-23 -> R905
DB-24 -> R906
DB-25 -> R907
on my board:
DB-23 -> R906
DB-24 -> R907
DB-25 -> R905
So, double check yours!

B] giving the correct voltage to the grms:
they want -8V as ground, having 0..-8V [instead of 961/962's 0..4.2V] as limiting value from 169/269 master unit module's limiter.
they need also to have the red/blue cables swapped, because of the different polarity
of the signals in 169/269 vs 961/962.
We'll use DB25-23 to carry the -8V from the 169/269 monitor module micro-PSU, accessible on PP3-10.
And, of course, we'll add 10.65k resistors to R908, R910 [and R912 and R914 for 4ch version].
I've used 11.73k instead, but its not an issue, there are R909 R911 etc trimmers.

C] giving -6V for the LEDs [ok, its only the "FAST" LED, but it is useful]
and the meters bulbs
[I dont have them, and also dont know if it could be a problem for the PSU..
anyway, better to have the option]:
A regulator + cap fixed on 961/962 board, with -15V onboard as input, does the job.
N.B. dont forget to add an heatsink to the regulator if you plan to use many bulbs.

Now, to the how-to:

Grab the 169/269 monitor module, and:

1] unplug the cables in PP3-9 (violet) and PP3-10 (white), and insulate them
[they go to the DB-25 connector].

2] desolder the red/white wire going from R75 to DB25-23 (0V on 169/269, call LED sign on 961/962),
and connect it to PP3-10 [dont worry, there is 0V on DB25-8 too].
we'll use it to give -8V ground to the gain reduction meters on the meterbridge.

Monitor module img 1:

Next instructions on 961/962 meterbridge's mods are on these pics:

Meterbridge img 1:
N.B. typo in image, the resistor is R906, not R908

Meterbridge img 2:

Meterbridge img 3:
N.B. You can also cut&lift the other 2 resistors before LEDs on meterbridge board, just to be sure
DB25-24 and DB25-25 will not create any problems, also with 169/269 monitor units different than mine.

Meterbridge img 4:
N.B. typo in image, the resistor is R906, not R908

Finally, here is the meterbridge connected to the 269, in all its glory:



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Mar 4, 2018

I know it's been long time ago, this is topic how to use 962 meter in 269 console.

My situation is similar, but... opposite, I have 269 meter bridge to use with 962 console.

My 269 meter bridge is 3CH with correlation meter. It works fine with 962 except....  limiter meter.
Does anyone know the solution to make 962 limiter meter works
or anyone have any advise for me to make it work together?

269 meter bridge panel works with -8V...0 (as limiter)
962 meter unit works with 0.. 4.2V (as gain reduction)

Solution from this topic (269 mixer with 962 panel) is to provide proper voltage (-8V) using unused wire on 269 mixer - DB25-23.

How can I provide +4,2V (or +5V) from 962 meter unit?