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Sold WTS: RCA 88-A vintage mic

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Feb 19, 2022
Sacramento CA
*** SOLD
Spring cleaning; need to make room for other tools in the toolbox! $220 shipped to the lower 48 states USA

The RCA 88A was designed in the mid 1930's for field reporting. This one shows it's age cosmetically but works 100% as does the rare pivoting mount and base. Cable is very long. Would be great for anything vintage like blues harmonica etc. Nice color despite lower amount of bass response. Original cable has the "EP3F" connector but sale includes an adapter to XLR.

"The Type 88-A Microphone is of the pressure-actuated type. The moving system consists of a thin molded diaphragm to which an annular coil assembly is attached. Coupled to the diaphragm is an acoustic circuit so proportioned that the diaphragm velocity will remain essentially constant for a constant sound pressure over the frequency range of 60–10,000 cycles. The coil is placed in the air gap of a magnetic structure and the ends connected to a transformer which provides output impedances of 50 or 250 ohms."


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