More stupid G7 PSU qestions-yes i am stupid
« on: August 17, 2006, 10:55:40 PM »
Firstly Gus, you convinced me to leave my K2 as is. Ha ha
this is somthing different.

Ok, this is baffling me.............such a simple curcuit too :oops:

I've got the 125v(i know it should be closer to 160v but i can fix that by changing the 10k resistor) volatage goin sweet on pin 2 and pin 5.

But, for the life of me, I can't seem to get the 6.3v happening. I've looked over the schem, and my pcb again and again. I've checked my resistors, and they're all sweet. I'm getting 9.2vDC coming into the input leg of the regulator but something pathetic like 70mv coiming outta the ouput leg.
the regulator gets quite hot too.

So from the schem, i'm looking at from the 1k8 resistor onwards. If my 10uf cap is bad would that stuff it? It has to be something to do with the adjustment leg right?

I'm pretty sure i haven't done anything like out the regulator the wrong way round, but hey you never know. :roll: It def lines up with the markings on the pcb. Maybe i should just reverse the damn thing for fun. Nah it cant be that.

Also, for grounding, i've grounded to the PSU chassi from 0v(1) and Heater ground(7) doing the star grounding thing. Now am I only meant to ground at 7, and then connect 0v to the microphone chassi at the other end of the cable? Not both at the PSU?

And lastley, I have an e80f phillips valve. I have heard that this is a direct replacement for the ef86 and has the the same heater voltage. Any objections to this? ha ha

Sheesh, I have an AKG ck12 waiting for this puppy( a new one, not an old one :wink: ) and it's getting impatient :wink:  or maybe thats me.


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