Thunderbolt ports!
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How many people have a computer with this?   Anyone here working with them via some company or engineering firm?    I ask because Belkin released some press about a Thunderbolt Hub they were designing, which featured 3 USB ports, 1 FW800 port, an Ethernet port, and another Thunderbolt port.    Since this interface is included on all new macs (excluding Mac Pros for now), you'd think there would be many more firms designing Hubs/expansions for this port.     A summary of its features:  it's basically (a Display Port + PCI Express Bus) x 2.   Any folks up for tryin' to make a DIY breakout box?   Seems like you'd basically be creating a box that combines USB packets, FW packets, Ethernet Packets, and Display packets into a single stream for transport over the thunderbolt cable.

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Re: Thunderbolt ports!
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looks interesting but no real use to me yet. I like the idea but until I see a/d-d/a converters using it no need.
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Re: Thunderbolt ports!
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Not much hardware out there yet. Just like when they put a SCSI connector on the 128k.
The idea is to have a Cinema Display, of course, filled with ports that connects with just one cable.
I spoke with Gefen at AES and any ideas for an all in one extender are on paper as of now.
Most drive manufacturers are still perfecting external eSATA, so they are not rushing tomake Tbolt drives.
Like SCSI, it will be a format into which we will grow, and then curse Apple After seven or so years when the new macs have no Tbolt port.


Re: Thunderbolt ports!
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Belkin released a statement saying they would release their hub in spring 2012.   I'm lookin' forward to that, but i was hoping we could DIY something in the meantime.  however, my further research showed that Thunderbolt Chips can't be had by the masses yet, like how you can buy chips from Texas Instruments... for all my recordings


Re: Thunderbolt ports!
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I believe most manufacturers are waiting for Thunderbolt "V2" before jumping in with both feet...

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Re: Thunderbolt ports!
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It is a real pity it has not taken off yet.

Our video guys are really excited about the speed, it will do 2k pics quite happily, close to 4k they tell me.

Now Avid are introducing their new hardware as well, it seems such a shame that they are having to use onboard processing rather than straight Native systems. I use Native HD on an 8 core MAc Pro & it is really powerful.

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