CNC vs 3D Printing?
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Hey gang -

So I'm trying to get replacement shafts for some of my Neve modules made.

I don't really know much about the limits of CNC routing and realize there are many different types of 3D printing but was hoping someone here might be able to help me determine if it's possible to get these made:

On the shorter one the V shaped thing is actually 2 ramps to hold the locking pin in place.  Slope is pretty shallow, probably rises .5mm over 4mm but it's crucial for the switch to be able to lock.


Re: CNC vs 3D Printing?
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I would be curious to see printing of 3d knobs
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Re: CNC vs 3D Printing?
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Molding would be easier i think, there are lots of tools and options for that in the hobby craft world...
You have the Male print, and with a nice liquid goo, all the small details could be well duplicated...


Re: CNC vs 3D Printing?
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Design it in google sketchup, export to .dae and send it to shapeways.com. That will likely be your most economical option.
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Re: CNC vs 3D Printing?
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if it's homebrew 3d printing, some are better than others.  most are a bad, expensive joke.  commercial tends to be quite good, but cnc would still be the reference quality.  as suggested, you might be better off molding.  even sand casting might be doable depending on whether or not there's a good seam to choose from (and more importantly, good spatial cognition to spot it)
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