Plugin for 89MotioN
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In anticipation of the automation system that member zamproject has created, the 89MotioN system, I would like to ask if somebody is interested in a dedicated plugin. This plugin would record all automation data in it’s own automation lanes, so you don’t have to struggle with prefader sends in some DAW's. The plugin should also handle the midi communication and would be easily assignable to its corresponding physical channel.
Another reason for creating such plugin is that you can use it to properly interface with Pro Tools and bypass the resolution problem. There are a few companies who have done this probably with proprietary protocols but I think this could work over midi.

My vision for the plugin would be the following:

- One Fader which mimics the physical fader
- Channel assignment via a drop down menu
- Group assignment via a drop down menu
- Offset rotary pot
- One Cut/Mute button
- One Solo button

The fader, group level and offset level get summed and displayed on the UI fader and physical fader.
There should be a a different layer or a different plugin for the group fader which can be set on dummy tracks.
There should be plugin to plugin communication for the group communication and solo communcation.
Midi messages for the physical communication should be linear pitchbend data for the fader and note on/off or CC for the other parameters.

The automation modes can only be controller via HUI/MCU so this would be handled without the plugin.

I know this will be a huge endeavour. Let alone finding someone with an avid SDK who is interested in this.

So please let us know what you think about this and how you see this.

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following this with interest of course!

few point open to discussion:

-I personally don't see the interest to have redundant fader positioning parameter (trim+grouping). keep in mind fader pass audio, there is no decoupling possibilities (by definition) between fader position and gain, this is absolute value, not VCA fader.

-plugin need to have menu to select mididevice/midiport (1 device for 8 fader) and channel (1 to 8 ) for PB fader data

-maybe there is a solution for grouping plugin fader at DAW side, but to my knowledge there is no DAW that allow plugin parameter grouping??? actual DAW fader grouping is nice(with MCU/HUI), it's unlimited group with group/ungroup/suspend on the fly combined with "select" function. That's a important point to solve/implement at plugin side IMHO

-a cut/mute button linked to the optocoupler (switching a fet mute for example) is enough for mute automation

-abilities for group mute independent to group fader

-as plug in allow post fader DAW DA output, the soloing/mute can be handled in // via HUI mode directly at DAW mixer, which simplifies a lot solo bus conditional logic. It will not be good for automation, just at mix process (you will cut/solo before analogue world) but you have the plugin remote cut for that, if you want automation mute when printing the mix. The two way can be coupled/linked or not at MIOS  side.

-if you want to keep the trim function, I think you need GUI that show both fader value, the mirror of actual physical position (fully visible fader knob) and the automation lane value (like transparent fader knob) the difference is of course the trim value...

-I feel there will be some tricky conditional link value to handle if you have group+trim, but I have to think more about it to be sure.

-To me there is no need for master group fader, if fader are grouped, move one of the group and other follow


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I wake up with an idea this morning... I think there is a possibilities to handle automation mode at MIOS without the need of // HUI emulation at hardware side to handle this. I have to test, I'll report back.

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Hi all

Small update on this as I use about all my spare time of the last week playing with CTRLR.
I ended up with a basic plugin (fader +mute) a la Audient faderlink.
It is VST and AU
There still some issue to fix, I'm really a beginner... but it work  :)