Re: GSSL add-on help thread
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Is there any source in Europe, where i can get the CRC, Turbo and VU Meter Driver PCB´s ?
I know that Expat Audio offers them, but shipping is ~ 50% of the price for the Boards.

Hi Christian,
We don't have another distributor in Europe (our business is 2 people... the main one is me!)
There may be some folks on here with spares, but otherwise, you'll have to order from our website.

Our pricing is calculated directly from the USPS website + a small fee charged by the fulfillment company we use.

Thanks again

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Re: GSSL add-on help thread
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Hello Rochey,

i know that shipping across the Atlantic isn´t cheap, which isn´t your fault.
Did some search and since nothing showed up, so i´ll buy from you.

Kind Regards,