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All of these caps also affect phase.
All four are not needed.
In case of hf damping as also RF 10nF  between FET and first BJT to ground.
Many microphones don't have RF filtration at all and they works.
If owner had no problem with RF after removing caps then why should it be used?
Ruud, this isn't typical schoeps topology, similar somehow but there is no PNP pair at the output.
It's combination PNP/NPN.
I also don't recommend to use caps before them ;)

@In76D I tried what Ruud sugested, works and sounds fine, but i don't know if i messed something up. Why do you think it's a bad idea?  Have i unbalanced the output now?


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I have B2-pro now with RK47 capsule.  Advice from In76d for K47 type :

" My suggestion for k47 - remove any lpf cap, remove r23 and c24(jumper), remove  C1/C2/C25/C26, disconnect back diaphragm, disconnect C23 from front diaphragm. Check is it better in cardioid mode. I would also remove internal mesh."

Why disconnect back diaphragm?  Only temporarily?   I'd like pattern options.


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Yeap, to hear is it better for you - then it's so called pure cardioid. Original circuit have cardioid pattern made with voltage applied to the back diaphragm. As for test.
If it's positive modification to you, then if you will look closer to the whole topic, then you will find my schematic how to apply "pure cardioid" with use of two other patterns.


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Hello everyone. I introduce myself, my name is Lionel de France. I have seen this topic and I am not familiar with forums, forgive me if I miss some rules, I use a translator.
I have a problem with my microphone B-2 pro, I had no sound at all, I replaced the chemical condensators. Now I have some sound, with rising breath and the sound collapses completely as soon as I raise the voice, then the sound comes back gradually, deaf and clear after a few minutes. Can you help me please? Thank you very much.


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Sounds like a dirt-on-the-capsule and/or humidity issue.
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Re: Behringer B2 Pro Electronics upgrade
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Does the Behringer B2 Pro have corrective EQ or just a less bright capsule?

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Does anyone know of any replacement PCBs/kits that fit the new B2 Pros with the SMD components? I'd much rather replace the circuit if I can than sell one at a loss just to have to find an older model.

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Thought I'd throw this in there since this thread is more active. 

Tossed in a k47 capsule, level is at least a good 15-20db lower than the stock capsule.    Any suggestions, it's sensitivity pretty much feels like that of a dynamic, I tossed in my akg p5 and levels feel about the same so that's not good.

Also with these component removals such as the caps like c1/c2, would I need to make a jumper for the empty contact points?  I have answered my own question, you do not make a jumper.  Tried it, no sound with jumpers and sound without.

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Hi everyone...

Is there any chance someone could condense this thread into a final post please? I only want to get rid of the noise and make this mic usable as an overhead (with no PAD mod, stock 797 capsule)?

I've been looking at this mod of the later model, and he swaps out some of the resisitors too. Would Silmics be better than the Panasonics (in the Mouser list)?

Your final deductions are a little hard to follow, so can one of you good chaps possibly write the final decided-upon capacitor (68uf or 100uf - what's the difference?)/diode values (7.5 or 8..5 if you're not doing the pad mod?); whether anyone tried adding a trimpot circuit (and could you show me how to do this please?!); did you decide on swapping out C1+C2 for a lower value (for the RF, as discussed); whether any resistors could do with upgrading to audio/military grade (as in the above link)?

Many thanks for all your hard work so far. It's very much appreciated.
I want to do this to prove to a friend - who called this 797 mic 'a p-o-s' on the basis that 'it's Behringer' - that he's wrong.  ;)

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I couldnt imagine it to be that noisy that you couldnt use it stock on overheads. Is it faulty? Could the capsule/pcb be dirty?

There is a rumour about these and other Behringer gear to be noisy, but i never came across b1/b2 with that problem. Have you compered it to some other mic?

The only components you really should upgrade are the two ceramic  ones in 'black box' below the capsule. Upgrading resistors wont get you anywhere.

This is (dare i say it) Sony C800 type of sound mic. It is pretty bright, and needs some high end attenuation. If it were 3.000$ mic people would call it open and detailed, however its a Behringer so people call it harsh. Btw it has almost exact same voicing as Rode Classic I.